Who are we?

  • Mimmy is an online educational platform for kids here in Japan. We are currently providing our services to educational institutions such as schools and kindergartens across the country. By sharing your culture, unique hobbies and passions with the children, you can spark a curiosity in them about the world, helping to expand their way of thinking and future possibilities.

What do I do?

As a guide you conduct 20-minute* livestreams (adventures) over Zoom. Different to a lesson, an adventure is focused on you providing a unique experience to the children. Some examples include: introducing Diwali (the festival of lights) live from India, sharing the unique insects and animals of Indonesia, or visiting a local African market sharing all of the unique stalls. The scheduling of these adventures is organized together with our staff based on requests from the institutions and there are no minimum hours required.

*different adventure lengths are also occasionally available

What are the benefits?

Payment for your country of residence can be found from the list below (this will open on a different webpage). Apart from the regular pay listed, there may also be opportunities to work on other paid projects such as scripted videos, special events collaborating with other companies, etc. Besides pay, other benefits include: joining a community of like-minded individuals from around the word, forming a connection with Japan and inspiring it’s next generation, increasing your skills in communication, technology, education and more.

Who are we looking for?

  • ・ Passion is the number one quality that all Mimmy Guides possess. Passion for what you will share in your adventures, and most importantly, passion for inspiring and providing a brighter future for the children.
  • ・ Experience teaching and/or working with children is preferable, but not a must.
  • ・ As adventures are not English lessons, you will need something unique to share such as a hobby, skill, interesting location, etc.
  • ・ The number of adventures offered and at what time will vary, so having a flexible schedule is best.

Apply Here

Please note that in most cases only successful applicants will receive a response. If successful, you should receive an email within 7 days of submitting your application, inviting you to an online interview. We may also have questions related to your application. Remember to check your spam folder as the response may be there. If you have any questions or would like to send us anything else you think may be beneficial to your application (CV, certifications, videos, etc.) please contact us at: mimmy.applications@gmail.com