What is Mimmy?

  • Our concept is “Untap children’s potential through world culture”.
    ・We are an online educational service helping kids learn about the world. Kids can learn more just speaking to, and having more fun with someone from another country than a lesson ever could.
    ・We run adventures broadcast directly at Japanese elementary schools, and also for them to join from home.
    • ・Each week, choose from our calendar times that suit for your adventures.
      -Use zoom to interact with Kids
      -You speak English, a puppet will support the communication between you and the kids
      -The kids want to see what is happening LIVE in your country

Adventure ideas and examples

15 minutes of live communication with you, that’s an ADVENTURE!

We need your help to keep our children interested in the world. Introduce them to your skills, your passions, the best scenery, your local festivals, and more. Kids come to visit every day. They will want to be your friend and learn more about what happens around the world.

Adventure examples: Showing famous places in your area, doing magic with the kids, showing them how to do arts/crafts, participation based performance, building lego together, showing them how to do something (like juggling etc), playing interactive games and more.

What is the pay?

Payment depends on the cost of living in your verified country of residence. Please choose your country of residence from the list below to see full details in your area (this will open on a different webpage).

Who we are looking for


Passionate people are able to get the kids deeply interested in their adventure. Are you passionate about your hobby, your city etc? We want to hear from you. Interactiveness and engaging activities
Our adventures let the kids join in and not simply watch. The ability to interact with the kids is an essential skill for us.


Are you friendly, personable and able to get the kids excited to join you? Great! Read on and let’s go!

Application survey

About yourself

Adventure idea

1) What can you do with the kids in an adventure?
This should be fun, unique to yourself and we encourage it to be based on something you are passionate about (like your hobby).